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 Photo by Peter Desrosier

Photo by Peter Desrosier

HELLO, MY NAME IS ALEX and ever since I was a child I have been a creative spirit. I would fill endless stacks of sketch books with illustrated stories. The world around me was a constant source of inspiration and through my illustrations I would constantly blur the line between the physical reality we live in, and the boundless possibilities of my imagination. 

Over the years as I have not lost that creative spark, in fact it has now grown into a blazing fire of artistic ability that fuels my now professional career. My interest in traditional illustration leads me to the world of digital art, then graphic design, followed by my delving into the world of digital photography and media production. I have worked with and for many companies, including Cobra Golf, Great White Shark Enterprises, and Phadid Entertainment, providing a wide range of marketing services from logo and campaign design to on-set production support (grip, production assistant, Key Grip).

I am currently completing my final semester studying as a director of photography and editor at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center and will graduate Wheaton College in 2017. Each goal I set and achieve is another stepping stone on my personal and professional journey as a creator.